Looking For High Yielding Dviidend Stocks

Dividend investors are always in search of the next great dividend play. Sometimes they become so fixated on domestic opportunities that they miss out on the best dividend stocks in other countries. You can make money in the stock market with high dividend Canadian stocks and high dividend paying European stocks. Today, I have found a major french company that has a really good dividend yield and can lead to some serious cash for your dividend portfolio.


One of the absolute best dividend stocks on the market is Total. Total is an energy company that makes a lot of money when crude oil prices are rising. Total is currently yielding nearly five percent to patient investors that want to take advantage of the rise in oil prices. Oil is well over one hundred dollars a barrel and will likely stay there. If oil prices do remain high then the integrated oil companies are the biggest beneficiaries. That is because they make money from digging the oil out of the ground.

They make even more money refining the oil and then they make money again selling oil as well. That is three different ways to make money from the sale of oil. This is why they can afford to pay high dividends to shareholders. When oil companies profit, oil investors profit as well in the form of higher dividends. Oil companies are making good right now since oil prices have risen back up.

Total is currently paying investors a great yield and is an overlooked company. Investors are quick to buy other oil companies but overlook this foreign gem. The stock looks really undervalued and offers upside growth potential for long term investors. Even if you are not interested in the growth, the dividend is enough to keep you happy for years to come.


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